Terms and conditions

The "we" and "us" in these terms and conditions is Practical Horse Genetics Pty Ltd. We also trade as Dog Breeding Science, Cat Breeding Science and OXA Breeding Science.

Ownership and storage of samples

Tissue samples are sent to us to enable us to carry out DNA testing. Tissue samples we receive are owned by Practical Horse Genetics Pty Ltd.

DNA testing is a destructive process. Where the sample is not completely used up in testing it will be stored for a minimum of five years.

Ownership and storage of results

All parties that contribute to the creation of data describing animal genotypes have a right to own and access that data. This can include the current owner of the animal (representing the animal itself), the owner that submitted the sample, nominated breed, performance or animal interest societies and us, the testing laboratory.

We undertake to store results in an electronic format indefinitely, to the best of our ability. Other owners of the data will be provided with a copy when the requested DNA testing is complete. Additional copies can be provided on request.

Any owner can share animal genotype data without requiring the permission of the other owners. We will not use our ownership to share an individual animal's genotyping results except when no other owners still exist.

Use of samples

We will try to carry out DNA testing requested by any person or organisation that would be an owner of the results. The owner requesting testing is expected to pay for it.

In addition we may use our ownership of the sample one or both of the following ways:

  1. To carry out quality assurance and improvement measures
  2. To carry out research and development

Use of results

We may use our ownership of your animal genotype data in one or more of the following ways:

  1. To carry out quality assurance and improvement measures
  2. To carry out research and development
  3. To carry out parentage verification identifying progeny or ancestors of an animal
  4. To calculate gene frequencies and changes in animal populations over time
  5. To release animal genotyping data in cases where no other owners still exist

Ordering tests

Orders submitted to us can expire. Orders usually expire after 20 weeks, but extensions can be requested. Samples from expired orders will not be analysed. Payment for expired orders will not be refunded.

We send email reminders about orders for which we have not received samples. Reminders will be sent at three weeks, six weeks, twelve weeks and nineteen weeks.


We will not share client details with third parties except with the permission of that client. Our websites do not use cookies.


We strive to provide accurate test results and are continually reviewing our methods to minimise errors. Nevertheless, mistakes can happen. In instances where a client believes an error has occurred in a test on their animal they should contact us and request that the test be re-run. There is no charge for checking results.