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Learn about one of the tests we do: Cerebellar abiotrophy marker (VMP1)

Cerebellar abiotrophy (CA) has been reported in working Kelpies. Dogs affected by CA can show head or neck tremors, problems with their balance, exaggerated or erratic leg movement and problems eating or drinking from a bowl.

This test (CA: VMP1) is associated with a form of CA that first appears in young dogs rather than pups.

A positive result for this test (A A) is a strong guide that your dog has or will develop CA. In the original study, 8 of 13 dogs with later-onset CA had an A A result for this marker, while none of the healthy dogs showed the same A A result.

Other possible results for this test are A C or C C. Dogs with an A C result do not have a high risk of CA but can potentially produce A A pups.

This form of CA has been found in border collies as well as Kelpies.

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Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: VMP1 (marker). Reference: Pan. (2017) Thesis, Wade et al. (2022)

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