Coat length (L2)

Why test for coat length?

Most long-haired dogs carry the common (L1) version of the length gene. Dogs with Akita, Siberian husky or Samoyed breeding can carry L2 instead or as well as L1.

The common (L1) and L2 length tests are both included in our shedding panel. Long hair on the couch is much more obvious than short hair!

Our test for L2 is based on the information in Dierks et al. (2013): doi:10.1111/age.12010

Long hair (L2)

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Coat tests

Coat characteristics

$9 Long coat (common) more
$9 Long coat (L2) more
$9 Curl more
$9 Furnishings more
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Coat colours

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$9 Dilution more
$9 Dilution type 2 more
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Coat patterns

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Inherited disorders

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