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Working dog CA (CA panel)


Panels are groups of tests that are often chosen together. This panel tests for the three genetic variants most strongly associated with CA in working Kelpies and Border Collies (show and working lines).

Dogs with CA can show head tremors, problems with balance and exaggerated or erratic leg movements. These signs get more severe with time.

The CA: VMP1 genetic variant is associated with later onset CA, while the CA: NUP153 variant was identified from a family of working Kelpies based in Germany but originally from Australia. The CA: LINGO3 variant is associated with early onset CA, where signs start at 4-16 weeks of age.

Positive results from any of the three tests in this panel do not guarantee that a dog will develop CA but they are the best available guide.

These tests were developed based on research at the Faculty of Veterinary Science at University of Sydney.

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Working dogs are valuable assets.

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$25 Brown coat colour ... more

Working dogs

$40 Working dog CA (CA panel)

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Working dogs

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$14 Cerebellar abiotrophy marker (NUP153) (CA: NUP153) ... more

$14 Cerebellar abiotrophy marker (VMP1) (CA:VMP1) ... more

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