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A DNA profile


There are a number of reasons to get a DNA profile for your dog. The most common one is to confirm your dog's parentage. A second reason to get a DNA profile is to have a way to prove your dog's identity in cases of loss or theft of the dog (or their pups).

Parentage verification is done using DNA profiles from the parent(s) and the offspring. DNA profiles from some other laboratories can be used for parentage verification, but you will need to provide a full copy of the report rather than a DNA number. The profile will need to be STR-based rather than SNP-based.

Siblings can't be used for parentage verification.

DBS will be progressively moving from STR-based parentage profiles to a composite STR and SNP profile.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: various (marker). Reference: 2017 ISAG Workshop Report

Reported alleles

Panels: groups of tests that are often ordered together

This test is not in any panels.


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There is a one-off sample processing fee of $40 per animal plus the cost of your tests.

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$33 A DNA profile


Colour panels

$25 Brown coat colour ... more

Working dogs

$26 Working dog CA (CA panel) ... more

$54 Working dog core panel ... more

Good looks

Coat characteristics

$9 Coat length L (common form) (L) ... more

$9 Coat length L2 (L2) ... more

$9 Curly coat ... more

$9 Improper coat ... more

Good looks

Coat colour

$9 Brown (bc allele) ... more

$9 Brown (bd allele) ... more

$9 Brown (bs allele) ... more

$9 Dilution type 2 ... more

Good health

Multiple breeds

$14 Degenerative myelopathy (DM) ... more

$14 Progressive retinal atrophy - PRCD (PRA-PRCD) ... more

Working dogs

$14 Cerebellar abiotrophy marker (LINGO3) (CA: LINGO3) ... more

$14 Cerebellar abiotrophy marker (VMP1) (CA: VMP1) ... more

$14 Collie eye anomaly (CEA) ... more

$14 Trapped neutrophil syndrome (TNS) ... more

Tests can be in the list more than once when the gene in question has more than one effect. It is OK to select the same test once or more than once, the price is the same.