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Cerebellar abiotrophy marker (NUP153) (CA: NUP153)


Cerebellar abiotrophy (CA) has been reported in working Kelpies. Dogs affected by CA can show head or neck tremors, problems with their balance, exaggerated or erratic leg movement and problems eating or drinking from a bowl.

This test (CA: NUP153) is associated with a form of CA found in a family of German working Kelpies that were originally imported from Australia.

A positive result for this test (del del) does not guarantee that your dog will develop CA, but it is a strong guide. In the original study, all four CA-affected dogs in this family had a del del result for this marker, while only 2 of 19 other dogs in the same family showed the same del del result. It is not known if those two dogs went on to develop CA later.

Other possible results for this test are del n or n n. Dogs with a del n result do not have a high risk of CA but can potentially produce del del pups.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: NUP153 (marker). Reference: Pan. (2017) Thesis

Reported alleles

n. Test developed using manufactured DNA, animal controls.

del. Test developed using manufactured DNA, animal cases.

Panels: groups of tests that are often ordered together

This test is in the working dog CA panel.


It is not known how common this form of CA is in Australian working Kelpies.

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