Using DNA testing to find the perfect rescue

Why test rescues?

Some people worry about adopting a rescue dog because they don't know what they're going to get. Instead they might opt for a designer cross-breed where they feel more confident that they know what they are buying.

DNA testing the rescue dogs takes away problem. You can know exactly what you are getting into when you choose that rescue puppy or dog.

There are so many rescue dogs out there looking for a home - if you keep looking, you will find your perfect dog.

We recommend asking your rescue organisation about the personality of your prospective pet too. Listen carefully to what they tell you. Timid dogs and aggressive dogs are hard work and are not suited to busy owners or owners with kids.

Why is shedding so important?

For dog-lovers who are allergic to dog hair, shedding is critical. They don't want to live their entire life on allergy meds, and a low-shedding dog is the answer.

Other people really don't like the look and smell of dog hair. Dog-hair couch. Dog-hair pants. Dog hair somehow mysteriously everywhere. A low-shedding dog is the answer here too.

There is a flip side though: many low shedding dogs are long haired, and long haired dogs are high maintenance. If you don't want regular dates with the dog groomer, hair length might be more important.

The couch test

Have a leather couch? Dog hair wipes off. No need to match your dog to your couch.

Have a fabric couch? Uh-oh. You need either a low-shedding dog or a dog that matches the colour of your couch. I hope your couch isn't green...

Need a new couch? Fantastic! Just get the dog first, and then choose a couch that matches the dog. You won't regret it.

Our rescue

Jayne Dog

This is Jayne, the laboratory dog. She is probably a boxer/staffy cross, and we adopted her when she was 10 months old. She is a much-loved member of our family and a firm favourite for many of the kids at school when she comes along for school pickup. She only wears a party hat under duress.

Jayne is short haired and moderately low shedding.

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